What does a mobile number say about you?

Almost everyone in business has a mobile number these days; it’s a necessity.  But for the older generation, a mobile phone is for emergencies only or “just when I’m out” – it’s not the convenient business tool we see it as for everyone. 

In the “old days”

The older generation were used to contacting a business via a good old fashioned landline answered by a receptionist sitting in an office. It’s not just what they were used to, it’s what they “trusted”.  Moving on a few decades, imagine an older person (dare I put an age here?  I’d say over 65) has picked up their local magazine to choose a local tradesman.  I’m pretty certain they’d choose the advertiser with a landline over an advert with just a mobile. The one with the landline offers a mobile but what’s important is offering the landline which says “I am an established business with a building”. You and I know that’s not always the case but it’s all about perception and if your advert offers only a mobile number then you may be missing out on potential business for older residents.

So what do you do?  If you have a landline for your business always include it. If it’s your home number and you, quite rightly, don’t want calls going to it then you can buy a “virtual” telephone number and direct the calls to it to your mobile number.  A geonumber number costs about £6 a month and we set them up for our advertiser on request.  If you are advertising in areas with a different local code to your own number then buy a virtual number for each of the areas and use that number in the appropriate local publication. Then you remove the subconscious reason not to choose you because you are “too far” – even if you are only 15 minutes away.  For example, we publish a magazine in Winchester (01962) and Romsey (01794) as well as Southampton (02380) and other areas but if you advertised in all three and only have an 02380 number then I’d suggest running an 01962 number in the Winchester edition and an 01794 number in the Romsey edition, with your mobile number, of course.   When we have the numbers, we add the appropriate number to each different advert. (There’s also a great little feature, called Call Whisper. Before you answer the call, an automated message tells you the call is generated from a particular Discover magazine so you are warned it’s a potential customer calling you.)

Enjoy Your Holiday Knowing Your Calls are Answered!

There is another advantage of only including a local number rather than your mobile. If you are on holiday or want to avoid calls at all hours of the day (but still want to answer your mobile to friends and family), the business landline number can be answered by a personal answering service and you will receive a text and email immediately. You have the choice of calling back immediately, the next day or forward to someone else to action.  Once you add your personal mobile number to an advert you are committing yourself to a 24/7 on call lifestyle.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of suppliers of number suppliers and answering services and now settled on a reliable, affordable solution for each we recommend to our advertisers.  If you want to talk about phone numbers and contact options offered in your advertising please feel free to give us a call on (yes, you’ve guessed it) our office number on 023 8026 6388.

Whatever the case, if the magazine is in the bin, so is your advertising – what a waste of money!