An advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or any media should grab attention, tell the audience what the business does, sell the benefits to that audience and hopefully create a reaction or even better, action.  Unfortunately, too many adverts I see just tell and don’t even try to sell. It’s a case of “this is what I do, here’s how to contact me.” If you are running an advertisement for your business in print at the moment then have a good look at it and ask these questions?

  • Is the name of the company acting as the headline?
  • Is it obvious within a second what type of business you are advertising?
  • If you list features have you included any benefits?
  • Have you offered good reasons why they should want to buy from you?
  • Is there a call to action?  A prompt for them to do something and do it soon? Are you offering an incentive?

If your advert is well written and properly designed then you’ll feel comfortable good about the answers to these questions when looking at your adverts.  If not, there’s room for improvement. You can probably work out the changes yourself but if you need a bit of help or advice we’re happy to spend the time with you, getting it right.